...An e-book with an original, exciting and well-organized new method of wishing! NOTHING else can compare!

At the present time, our planet contains six billion people {give or take a few hundred million}. Each person is provided with a personal guardian angel. In addition, the guardian angels have access to the powers of multitudes of special angelic spirits in charge of animals, plants, minerals, the weather, inanimate objects; your car, house, furnishings, and everything that is composed of energy.

These billions and billions of guardian angels and helper angels are the worker bees of the entire universe...constituting one of the greatest powers in the world.

This awesome power is available to us through our thoughts, prayers, and wishes...if we know how to ask.

I have devoted over 20 years to perfecting the art of effective wish-making, resulting in the formulation of 10 unique "recipes". You achieve better results if you use a recipe while cooking. Similarly, you can get better results by using these preprinted customized recipes while wishing. All you do is pick a recipe, add your wish, and date it. The hardest part is deciding what to ask for!

We address all requests to our guardian angel and we submit our written permission, via recipe #3, to enlist the New Age Angels and other angel specialists needed to fulfill our wish. This combination is the source of the power we use.

These recipes can help you with all the mental, physical, and financial problems, as well as altering the weather {don`t laugh until you try} or finding a parking space. No problem is too trifling or too baffling. These NEW AGE ANGELS are eagerly awaiting your friendship and your requests for their assistance.

  Examples of SHORT TERM WISHES... can be fulfilled in a short period of time  


Over 20 years ago, my first wish to my angels was regarding a parking space. To my surprise, they arranged for the exact spot I specified. Throughout the years, they have continued this service. I am not surprised anymore, but I am always thankful and appreciative. Asking your angels for parking places can be a convincing test of angel power. Use recipe #10.


The angels know the location of everything in the universe. They can help you to find the best bargains, the most suitable health professional for your ailment, your misplaced keys, notes, pets, child, or whatever you need. Make your wish, then stay alert for clues and hunches. Usually recipe #10 is sufficient. If not, use recipe #1, #3, and #4.


Worry, anger, fear, jealousy, etc. are negative feelings that can make your life miserable and ruin your health. Angels are specialists in helping humans to replace unwanted feelings with happier ones. If you need a confidant, you can confess your darkest secrets or deepest longings any time of day or night and be assured your angels will never betray your trust. Use recipe #10. For chronic problems use #2, #3, #4, #5, and #9.


Yes, the angels can help make your planned picnic a success. Just tell them ahead of time what kind of weather you would like. Seem impossible? We have altered the weather inumerable times to save moving days, vacations, and golf games. Use recipe #10 for on the spot. For a day or longer, use recipe #1 and #3.

  LONG TERM WISHES...these may take a bit longer...  


The angels can see into the future, so they know how any item will perform years down the road. We had our share of "lemons" and disappointments until we learned to use recipe #2 and #8 for all important matters. If you are wishing for someone else it is important to use recipe #2. It carries a safety feature to prevent unsuitable wishes from being granted.


This is a very important wish! The book gives stories of our experiences and assistance in wording your wish. Again, use recipe #2 and #8. Using recipe #1 will give you faster results, but you may not be satisfied for a long term relationship. We speak from experience!


Angels are not the source of supply, but they want us to enjoy life so they can help us if we ask within the boundaries of their powers. I list the six distinctive powers in the book, however, everything in this world can be improved upon, including your life sytle. All the ideas on how to do it are in the Universal Mind Bank. Recipe #6 is tailored for your wish.


Angels are not doctors, but they know the location of everything in the world, including the most suitable health professional for your ailment. They love to provide information on anything and everything...all you need to do is ask. Substance abuse and addictions are covered on pages 108-111. Use recipe #2, #3, #5, and #8. Don`t panic...all the recipes are preprinted. You only need to write the actual wish and the date.

WISHING WITH ANGEL POWER is infinitely better than having your private psychic hot line 24 hours a day...365 days a year for the rest of your life. Angels can see the past, present, and the future all at the same time. The information they offer is valid and it is free of charge!


No need for affirmations, grounding, meditations, knowledge of auras, chakras, channeling or the name of your guardian angel. Like ordering from your favorite mail order catalog, you can do it in your bathrobe. This may sound too simplistic, but after you use them, I am sure you will agree that these unique "recipes" are the easiest, most effective and safest method of wishing ever offered.

Even the most blaze or jaded individuals will be excited beyond belief when they realize their wishes and dreams are being fulfilled by their own Guardian Angel.

Invite your guardian angel into your life today. Discover what the creative energy of ANGEL POWER can do for you. You are in for the greatest life-changing surprises of your life!